Heels and Feels keeps track of your information to offer you the best possible experience. A data subject needs to provide an email address which is mandatory "Personal Information" during registration (sign-up). 

Post this registration, Heels and Feels becomes able to access your account every time you visit the Website as long as you are logged in as an ‘User’. The customer also has to provide other Personal Information like phone number, email, billing and shipping addresses, before completing the first purchase. Once registered with Heels and Feels and you sign in to the services, Heels and Feels can automatically receive and record information on our server logs from your browser including IP address, cookie information and the page you visited. 

Heels and Feels may use third party contractors / service providers to process your data or to contact you for specific purposes. Such contractors / service providers are contractually bound to protect your information in the same way as we do. Heels and Feels collects and uses information for the purposes for which you have provided specific consent.

Payment: Your Orders are customized with a unique identity crafted JUST FOR YOU. Hence the Payment needs to be made in advance through Payment Gateway mentioned on our website.

Taxes: Taxes and Levies are applicable extra as per the rates governed by the country of your residence i.e. the address where your order is to be delivered.

Delivery: Heels and Feels will make the delivery of your order within 3 weeks. To be specific, 21 working days excluding holidays, plus the time taken by our Logistics Partner to deliver your shoes. In case of any delay in delivery of the product from our side, you shall get notified.This can happen due to any unavoidable circumstance.

We have made the process of delivery transparent. You can keep a track of your shipment status through our website through the Order Tracking tool detailed below;


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