The Visualizers

Mansi and Divyang firmly believed that IFs, BUTs and PERHAPSes are murderers of Joy and Comfort..., they are dreary thoughts that eventually leads to sorrow, more often than not. As Aidan Chambers aptly mentioned “Trust dies from Ifs and Buts'’. As accomplished designers from the footwear industry they observed that consumers across ages tend to fit themselves into a pair compromising on the design, colour, shape, or size,that would soon hurt and give them blisters.

Our Roots

The inception of Heels & Feels was a result of this very thought. Heels and Feels has set to define craftsmanship, characterising Bespoke Footwear Fashion to empower Women. We blend together the Science of reflexology in creating ergonomically suitable designs, ensure optimum levels of comfort, augment artisanal workmanship and ensure sustainable ecosystem, while Customizing your imagination to the best of your satisfaction, which remains at the very core of Heels and Feel philosophy.

Our Inspiration

We assist you to the last detail in giving 'Wings' to your 'Imagination' for your Creative Best, with ZERO-scope for IFs and BUTs for the dream pair of footwear you always desired. At Heels and Feels there is 100% acceptance of your Desires in terms of Design Elements, Type of Straps, Shape and Size of the Heels, Material, Fabrics and Colours, as well as Decorations from the Embroidery, to Bows, Motifs, etc. We move swiftly and decisively to Customize your footwear, leaving no room for doubts. Utmost care and attention is devoted at all stages, from procurement and production process to craftmanship and scientific insights from experts, as we strive to give you THE BEST OF ALL WORLDS and an UNBEATABLE USER EXPERIENCE.


We celebrate YOU as LIMITED EDITION, and believe Your feet deserves a LIMITED EDITION too, nothing less than the Best. Guided by renowned reflexologists, we take utmost care of smallest details while designing Your Footwear, apart from ensuring sustainable material, environmentally safe processing and Vegan, remaining Humane in nature. At Heels & Feels we customize the design as per YOUR CHOICE with added care from our end on intricate details like Foot-depth, Instep-height, Foot-shape, etc., to ensure that every step you take is Memorable!