It disturbs us to see a woman rendered physically distressed on account of fashion.
It’s not just about ‘Being Seen as Cool’, but ‘Feeling Cool’.


We believe that every girl necessarily must be endowed with two attributes; Captivating and Empowered.

We remain convinced that Elegance can merge with Comfort. Dressed like the lady who is buoyant and dynamic, not the woman in a painting. Though challenging and hard to balance sometimes but for us Vanity must merge with Comfort, so that it can increase the Feel of Confidence and Cosiness without resorting to theatrics.


More and more brands are touting vegan leather as an ethical, socially conscious alternative to real leather.

We essentially wanted to specialize in Non-leather footwear keeping in view of the vagaries of the workers at leather tanneries with compromised lifespan.

Further we also wanted to keep the erstwhile Indian art of Shoe-making alive and impart training, livelihood and wellness of artisans and embroidery workers across the country.


Slow fashion is an aspect of sustainable fashion and a concept describing the opposite to fast fashion, part of the "slow movement" advocating for manufacturing fashion accessories that considers everything from style to design, quality, the intention behind its creation and promotes the purchase of higher-quality articles that will last longer.

All our products are curated and selected based on our 3 S's: Slow, Sustainable, and Socially Responsible.